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The Afrikan Cooperative Union is about to accelerate towards productivity and profitability in 2018 with the fresh new blood that it has recruited into its fold. A new way of thinking is bout to ensue, centred around taking BOLD ACTIONS that will deliver tangible results which will take the ACU into profitable territories and finally be in a position to pay out DIVIDENDS to its members .

There shall be a new drive to actively seek and engage in investment activities as well as introduce some new member recruitment initiatives that will further boost the membership numbers and financial  investment pool of the ACU.

As the ACU is tasked with delivering profits for its members and benefitting the community as a whole, it is imperative that it has a fully staffed Management team to oversee the projects and activities that it intends to execute, therefore a  recruitment drive to find qualified, skilled and talented individuals that can bring value to the table is mandatory. As you are reading this please feel free to send in your CV to  if you can be of benefit to the organisation and someone will get back to you at the earliest convenience. Positions that currently need to be filled can be found on this page at the bottom

Upcoming ACU Annual General Meeting

Date: Saturday 10th February 2018

Location: Living Space, 1 Coral street, Waterloo, SE1 7BE

Time: 6pm-9pm

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