Community Investment Fund

Investment of ACU share-funds in African and Caribbean government bonds, to generate income and support socio-economic projects.

  • On joining the ACU, members may buy a maximum of 400 shares, for £50 per share.
  • Members will be expected to purchase at least 2 shares a year.
  • The funds accumulated from purchases of shares will be invested to ensure that they grow in value. To achieve this the funds will be used to buy bonds issued by African and Caribbean governments. In effect it is lending money to these governments for their social infrastructure projects such as schools, roads, hospitals, etc. These bonds are safer than buying bonds of companies. Members can expect a relatively high level of return on their investment.
  • The community Investment Fund will help ACU to grow the funds it receives quickly but safely.

Community Investment Fund FAQs

Because those who buy these bonds will through them gain a voice in the socio-economic development of their home countries. 

Reputable brokers with a proven track record will be used to buy these bonds.

That depends on which bonds markets the bonds are bought in. If they are bought in a market that is in Africa or the Caribbean, using local currency, then the bonds are likely to attract a higher rate of interest. However, if they are bought in markets that are outside Africa or the Caribbean using foreign currency, then the rate of interest is likely to be lower.  Also, it depends on which country. Different countries have different rates of interest. As a rule, however the return from these ‘emerging markets’ tend to be higher than those from ‘developed or mature markets.’ 

There is no set amount, but members are encouraged to buy at least two shares a year.  

Members may buy up to 400 shares (£20,000).