The ACU is a finance and knowledge collective regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority  Registration Number: 31807R , that aims to create a dynamic eco-system of African people’s led businesses in the UK

By buying shares on joining, members will help create a financial resource pool from which ACU will provide loans to support business formation and development by its members, thereby providing them a return on their membership shares. 

By investing un-lent funds in African and Caribbean government bonds, ACU members can support the social and economic development of Africa and, at the same time secure a return on their funds.  

By running courses led by members to the community, ACU will provide business training to those wishing to establish or develop their businesses.

Finally by providing a platform for a nationwide credit union, it will create the basis for collective community empowerment by supporting members to establish their own cooperative businesses. 

Please click here to pledge your support for the Credit Union. This pledge of support (no money involved) will help us demonstrate to the FCA that there is a need for the Credit union and will help us secure the licence when we apply.  

Our Aims and Objectives

The ACU Mission

To empower African people by building a finance and knowledge network where resources and information can be pooled and utilised for the benefit of all members of the community, through education, livelihood development, and asset accumulation.  

To help African people build the economic basis required for their psychological, political and cultural renewal and wellbeing. 

The ACU Vision

African communities, in the UK and elsewhere, that are culturally self-centred, psychologically self-reliant, economically prosperous, and successfully pursuing their aspirations.

Our Four Programmes Areas:

Community Investment Fund

Investment of ACU share-funds in African and Caribbean government bonds, to generate income and support socio-economic projects. 

Business Development Loans

Loans to help members develop their businesses. 

Business Training

Training delivered by ACU members to help recipients run more successful businesses. 

Credit Union

A Credit Union that, in addition to the usual credit union functions, will lend to members wishing to establish their own cooperative enterprises.